Galerie des Modes, 47e Cahier, 1ere Figure

The Nymph of slight size, with the appearance of going out alone to winter herself in a public promenade, throws her eyes from side to side to find someone who could give her some new charm and prevent boredom from seizing her.  She is in a hat à la Cherubin* and a morning dress with a white muff of Siberian sheeps' wool. (1785)

"Angora muffs. - These muffs are made with the Beard of goats from Angora, the country where these animals have been for a long time, silky and overall very white; that which is used for men's muffs is of a great beauty.  The price is 120 or 100 livres.  One has them even for 4 louis or 84 livres."

Notice de l'Almanach sous verre, 1786

* Cherubino is the flirtatious page of Count Almaviva in The Marriage of Figaro.