Galerie des Modes, 49e Cahier, 6e Figure

The mincing Marinette with her dear lapdog in a public promenade: she is dressed in a light morning gown; her coiffure is a hat à la Zinzara. (1786)

"We will announce twenty gowns of different colors for the summer, and will will announce them all in taffeta.  Women do not wear those that are of another fabric than silk.  The newest for color have small prints and narrow stripes.  The only gowns in which Women change from taffeta are those of muslin or white gauze and gauze striped with different colors, with a satin stripe; or brocaded linen, with little bouquets.  Under these white gowns, they only wear white taffeta petticoats."

Le Magasin des Modes, July 1, 1786