Galerie des Modes, 50e Cahier, 3e Figure

The beautiful Arsène meditating in Luxembourg: she is in an informal morning gown with a fashionable mantelet, and coiffed en négligé.
1. Pouf à la turque.  2. Grande baigneuse à la Creole. (1786)

Prescriptions of fashion:

"Wear, as before, a robe à l'Anglaise, a robe en chemise, a robe à la Turque, a Pierrot, a Caraco: wear a very ample kerchief on the neck; let three curls fall on your breast, let only two fall, let only one falls; let your hair hang behind, let it be pulled up in a flat chignon: I consent to it; be free in this regard; but at my express command, wear the plain chapeau-bonnette.

"If however there were some rebels ... who still like best to renounce this coiffure and depose all the panaches except that which I've permitted to be retaken, to adopt the chapeau-bonnette, as my empire is sweet and easy and I only want to command my subjects with good will, it be permitted to coiff one's hair en cheveux and to wear for the whole parure on the head only two knots of ribbon, of which one is attached in the back over the toque or the chignon comb and the other is on the front of the head to three or four inches over the forehead."

La Magasin des Modes, July 15, 1786