Galerie des Modes, 50e Cahier, 5e Figure

Young Elégant sitting in the Jardin du Luxembourg in a spotted suit with bavaroises, a fashionable cane, and a steel sword.
1. Hat à l'Anglo-Americain.  2.  Hat à l'Androsmann.*  3. Boots buttoned like gaiters, etc. (1786)

"The Indolent. - While you tire yourself out, working from morning to evening, this other man lives in the most absolute inaction.  No business, no service, no occupations, not even reading.  All his time escapes him, he doesn't know what he does with it.  What did his morning produce?  Nothing.  He got up late, he dressed slowly, he took several walks, he waits for dinner.  Dinner came: the afternoon will pass like the morning, and all his life will resemble this day.

"Does he merit the name of man, when he lives in a state so unworthy of a man? ... But what am I saying! he has a considerable office, a beautiful woman, twenty lackeys; he is permitted to have an empty head and heart."

Sebastien MERCIER, Tableau de Paris, 1782

* Also called a hat à la Androsmane or Androsame.  Called a "kevenhuller" in English.