Galerie des Modes, 51e Cahier, 6e Figure

Young Dancer dressed in a Pierrot caraco with a striped petticoat trimmed with gauze: she is coiffed with a straw hat trimmed with plumes, ribbons and flowers.  1. Black hat trimmed with aigrettes. 2. Hat en pouf. 3. Straw hat with 2 steel buckles. (1786)

"It is the greatest fashion today, overall for the morning promenade, when it is the best weather, to wear the fourreaux, the robes à l'anglaise, and the long caracos of solid white linen, with a matching petticoat and a white petticoat on top.*  Besides these blue, pink, violet, etc. transparens that are worn under the white muslin, gauze, or linen petticoats."

Le Magasin des Modes, 1787

* The text uses dessous, underneath, but this is one letter away from dessus, on top, and there are more than occasional typos in the reprint.