Galerie des Modes, 1er Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 3e Figure

Grand Robe de Cour in the Asiatic taste, decorated with gauze and garlands of oak.

Detail of different grandes robes. - "1785, January 2. - The trimming of a pink and black satin gown, the parement edged with a pleated frill of black lace with a great height, fond d'Angleterre for border, a heavy chicory of pink satin and pinked crêpe behind it.  The petticoat of pink satin, trimmed with two cordons of satin and pinked crêpe chicory leaves and a pleated frill of lace matching that of the gown.  The collars edged with velvet ... 108 livres.

"A robe edging in blonde lace ... 12 livres.

"A pair of sabots in three rows of blonde lace, great height, fond d'Alençon with a border, the third row with a fine bâtarde ... 48 livres."

Memoir of Lacoste, at the Crowned Dauphin, to Mme the Countess d'Amilly.  (Published in Bull. Soc. de Paris, 1885)