Galerie des Modes, 1er Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 6e Figure

 Full Court Dress trimmed with gauzes interlaced with oak garlands, etc.

"... The trimming of a trimmed gown dressed with blue crêpe, the parement of a garland of sequins edged with cornflowers, the petals in blue and green sequins, the leaves in green sequins, and the bases and hearts in stones, a large satin and pinked crêpe chicory positioned behind.  The manchettes bordered with a petit pied of fine blonde.  The petticoat of white taffeta covered with crêpe edged with blue sequins, a volant of a large garland edged with blue and green sequins; cornflowers in stones and sequins edged on the bottom with a very high blonde lace, a tulle ground with a border, held up with a large garland of roses positioned on a pleated frill of the same blonde. ... 600 livres."

(Following the preceding memorandum.)