Galerie des Modes, 2e Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 1ere Figure

Grand Robe de cérémonie for the Gala. 

Reverences. - "... But there is the Master of the presentation reverences. It is necessary to make the reverences while going backwards, and to adroitly throw aside the train with the heel. It is an exercise that is made going forward several times, before a large mirror, and with the greatest seriousness. Oh my dear Rabelais! see that the master of reverences acts as the king. One takes his hand, and bends in front of him, but one does not drop it. One drops that of the king, when he does not deign to embrace the one presented; which he does most often, for the kings of France are very gallant. They ceremoniously embrace ugliness as well as beauty. Oh truly great complaisance!"

SEBASTIEN MERCIER, Tableau de Paris, 1788


  1. WOW this is a whole lot of *Christmas*! Hehe I see peppermints, garland, seasonal colors...scrumptious!


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