Galerie des Modes, 2e Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 6e Figure

Grand Robe à la Reine, Hat à la Milady.

To Madame the Countess d'Ogeras:

"1786, 1st February. - The trimming of a robe française of satin with a white ground, striped golden yellow and brown, the parement in drapery, trimmed with a large bouillon of ribbon matching the gown, mixed with white satin, bows of blue satin ribbon edged with black velvet and crêpe, between the bouillons, the bottom of the parement trimmed in the same way, the petticoat the same, trimmed with a volant of beautiful striped gauze, edged with a beautiful blonde in fond d'Angleterre with a great height, the coquille* of the same bouillons as the gown, with matching scarves, manchettes with chickory leaves of tulle à la silouette. ... 380 livres

"A gown edging in bastard-blonde. ... 14 -

"A set of three bows in blue and black striped ribbon. ... 14 -

"The matching stomacher en barrière. ... 3 -"

Dossiers Bertin (Doucet Library)

* literally, "shell". Coque is frequently used in later decades to refer to a half bow, a long fold of fabric. Are coquilles smaller coques?