Galerie des Modes, 3e Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 2e Figure

Great Oriental Robe de Cour. Coiffure in the African style.

To Madame the Countesse d'Oyeras:

"1786, 1st February. - The trimming of a grand robe française of satin with a white ground striped with blue and white velvet, the drapery edged with a pleated ruffle of tournante blonde, tulle ground with a pattern, bouillons of gauze above the fastenings of blue and white velvet striped ribbons, edged with poppy-colored velvet; between the bouillons, big puffs of the same poppy velvet ribbon in which is a pearl buckle, the bottom of the parement trimmed the same way with a volant of beautiful striped English gauze, edged with a tournante blonde of fond d'Angleterre, the coquille edged with a pleated ruffle of the same bouillons of the same blonde, on the head of said coquille pulled up to the left by a large puff like the draperies, with a pearl buckle ... 388 livres

"A gown edging in tournante blonde ... 15 -

"A set of 3 bows in chiné poppy ribbon, edged with a blonde petit pied ... 18 -

"The matching stomacher en barrière ... 6 -"

Dossiers Bertin (Doucet Library)