Galerie des Modes, 3e Cahier de Grandes Robes d'Etiquette, 3e Figure

Robe de Cour with its hoop, trimmed with oak leaves in garlands.

To Madame the Countess d'Oyras:

"1786, 1st February. - The trimming of a gown of satined stuff with a ground of King's Eye, satiny white stripes, the drapery trimmed with an embroidered crêpe and bouillons of bare satin in all colors, edged with a pleated ruffle of bastard blonde, on each side a tulle with a chickory border, the top of the bottom of the parement trimmed the same, the manchettes tulle chickories in silhouette, the matching petticoat trimmed with a volant of the same crêpe, embroidered like that of the gown with a blue canète* and a little blonde, the coquille of the same crêpe in bouillons with blue ribbon bows like the draperies on each side of the coquille, a gown edging in bastard blonde ... 388 livres.

"A set of 3 bows of green and violet ribbon edged with a petit pied of blonde ... 18 -

"A gown edging of bastard blonde ... 14 -

"The matching stomacher en barrière ... 6 -"

Dossiers Bertins (Doucet Library)

* Possibly a cane, possibly a duck?


  1. This one is so gorgeous! The colors are wonderful, but it's those little tassels that really caught my eye. It would be perfect for the 18th Century Court Ensemble Challenge (! Now if only I could get up the gumption...


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