Galerie des Modes, 59e Cahier, 3e Figure

Young Lady in a Caraco à la Flamande,* coiffed with a Turban à la Turque, &c.

"A new fashion that many women have adopted and which doesn't truly suit them is that of curling the hair of young people, in five curls, of which two are above and three below, placed in "pigeon wings": excluding, however, of only curling to the bottom of the ear, they are curled to the bottom of the face, to the bottom of the chin. Their curls are stiffly crinkled, and as applied on their face. They never wear curls that hang down to the kidneys, their hair in the back is braided and pulled up very high like the braids of the Swiss. On this hairstyle they wear a little toquet or a very little cap of plain gauze. This whole ensemble gives them an air of stiffness, a hard air which is not charming ..."

Le Magasin des Modes, 30 August 1787

* Flemish.