Galerie des Modes, 59e Cahier, 5e Figure

Young Lady, dressed in a retroussée Circassienne, with Sleeves à l'Espagnole, and coiffed with a Turban of Love.

"No-one can deny that our French Ladies adopt their fashions from Ladies of almost every other kingdom; however, we must admit that there are restitutions that they make to almost all. Didn't they borrow, in the last two years, from Polish women, Englishwomen, the Turks, the Chinese? They borrow today from the Spanish. It is true that what they give back is better than what they take; and even to be exact, they only borrow the names and they give things. When they copy, they revise, they embellish. When they imitate, they create. With a very inventive, very fecund imagination for slavishly focusing on their designs, they seize it, they form it. They become, in a word, the masters of their authors."

Le Magasin des Modes, 10 January 1787