Galerie des Modes, 61e Cahier, 4e Figure

 The young Zuma in a Redingote closed with Buttons à l'Anglaise and in a Cap à la Courvil.

"When you see a fashion begin to overburden itself, you can say: its end approaches, and in a little while it will be destroyed. As we must not stop variety in fabrics, in colors, in the distribution of these colors, in their mixing, to satisfy our taste, from the instant that this variety can no longer be felt over such fabric, such color, the mixture of these colors, their assortment, it is indispensably necessary that one changes fabric or color. However, this variety can no longer be felt as soon as the fashion of such fabric, or such a color increased as far as it could. For example, the fashion of stripes, passing from narrow to wide, whether it admitted the medium degree, or whether that was omitted, can no longer increase, because after the widest there are no more. However, not being able to increase, and to satisfy this insatiable need that we have for variety, and being, as I said, overloaded, it must perish and disappear."

Le Magasin des Modes, 30 September 1787