Galerie des Modes, 61e Cahier, 6e Figure

 The sulky Alviane Dressed in a Redingote à l'Amazone and Coiffed with a morning Hat.

Buttons. "Over the last two years, buttons have experienced very rapid and well-marked vicissitudes; it is useless to recall them all now: but, only speaking of those with paintings, one must say that all types of paintings have successively been on them; first historical subjects, then bas reliefs, soon after faces, again soon after landscapes, and today architecture.

"The most beautiful monuments of France are painted on buttons, and especially the most beautiful ones of Paris.

"We have seen them, made by a young artist of much taste. All the most beautiful pieces of Parisian architecture, like the Louvre, the Saint-Denis gate, the Corn Exchange,* the School of Surgery, etc. etc. are represented on them with all possible perfection. He has been working for a year and has made a very great quantity of them ...

"The buttons have only been for sale since his Majesty had the goodness to acquire a garniture des mains of them from the creator himself."

Le Magasin des Modes, 20 April 1788

* a large market; a long blog post on the subject here