Galerie des Modes, 62e Cahier, 5e Figure

The young Englishwoman wanting to make her fortune in Paris, in taking the French fashions and dreaming of the means of achieving them. She is coiffed in an anglomane Hat surmounted by Plumes over her hair, falling down over the forehead à la Jaquet etc. etc.

"Foreigners must please Paris, for more than one reason. First, they are perfectly welcomed there; one has for the men almost much deference as for the women. The more they come from afar, the more one hastens to satisfy them; the difference of religion or costume is a further merit, and a motive for receiving them well. A Parisian is careful to leave a good opinion of himself in the minds of travelers."

SYLVAIN MARECHAL, Notice on the mores of Paris (Actual dress ...), 1787