Galerie des Modes, 63e Cahier, 1ere Figure

1. Hat à l'Androsman. 2. Baigneuse à la Warwick* etc. etc.

"Caps and poufs are made of goffered gauze and trimmed with plain, goffered ribbons. This goffering is done with irons, which are furrowed in a thousand rather wide and deep stripes. These irons are heated, and the gauzes and ribbons are heated with them, which thus form a thousand little pleats.

"The most fashionable ribbons today are plain, goffered ribbons. The colors of these ribbons are left to each person's imagination. Pinks, jonquil yellows, violets, and apple greens are however the most generally adopted."

Le Magasin des Modes nouvelles, 20 July 1787

* Possibly derived from the Countess of Warwick, Henrietta Greville (m. 1776)?