Galerie des Modes, 63e Cahier, 2e Figure

1. Cap à l'Enfant. 2. Hat à la Delphire. 3. Hat à la Italienne. 4. Child Dressed in a Matelot. 5. Little Girl Dressed à l'Espagnolette.

Children. - "Children in Paris are very pretty until the age of seven to eight years. As they are elevated to the place of a numerous crowd of individuals, they contract early an air of ease; they do not have a vacant air; they are not too astonished at the habits of life, nor the worries of the city; a little air of assurance says that they were born in the capital and already molded in its great movement; they have no dread of what happens around them. Put properly, in general, in a simple and easy manner, they owe the liberty of their dress to the writings of J.-J. Rousseau."

SEBASTIEN MERCIER. Tableau de Paris, 1788