A Most Belated Promotion

You've likely already heard about it, but if you haven't: you should know that Kendra Van Cleave's book, 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling, is available for pre-order through Indiegogo! Probably the best advertising is the American Duchess's fabulous test-wig - check it out, it looks amazing, so you know that book's good. The detailed table of contents is also available for previewing, so you can really see what you're getting: 22 women's styles and three men's, as well as a whole lot of general techniques.

Right now, Kendra's still about $4,000 away from her goal. Fortunately the book will still go to print even if the goal isn't met, but she'll have to cut a style, some history, or page quality, so let's get to it!

I am absolutely terrible at hair - really, I can make a very good bun, but that is the limit - so I'm very excited to improve my game. I'm also (somewhat selfishly) happy to see how well the community is supporting its own through independent publishing. What a great group of people! This book looks fantastic, and it's wonderful that the information and skills are going to be disseminated to everyone. Especially me, because, as I said, I am really bad at doing hair.


  1. But once you do get the book, there will be no stopping you because you have Perfect For Big Style Hair!

  2. Replies
    1. Ooh, and I was wondering - any plans to go into the nineteenth century? (I'm very bad at those hairstyles as well.)

    2. MAYBE... I'll need to catch my breath after this! :)


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