Cabinet des Modes, 1er Cahier, 1ere Planche

November 15, 1785


It presents a Woman in a green fourreau à la Levite (1), in a straw hat with a tall crown, trimmed with a violet ribbon, with a bow or cockade, the two ends of the ribbon hanging about two or three inches.

Her coiffure is a demi-herisson ended with two hanging curls.
The hair hanging behind, à la Conseillère.
The earrings are large trembling rings.
The kerchief of linen, trimmed.
The mantelet of black satin with spots.
Linen apron.
Violet satin petticoat.
White shoes with violet bows.
Gowns and fourreaux à l'Anglaise, à la Turque, à la Janseniste, à la Circassienne, are still in fashion.

The freshest ribbons.
1. Canary's tail color, or soft sulfur.
2. Striped in three colors: namely, canary's tail, dark green, and Bishop's violet.
3. Plain dark green.
4. Bishop's violet.

Plain satins for women's Gowns.
Violet and dark green mixed, glazed.
Royal blue and marigold mixed, glazed.
Violet and marigold mixed, glazed.
Green and marigold mixed, glazed.
Solid dark green.
Solid violet.
Solid casmir.

From Italy.  A la d'Artois.  A la Crême.  Anglaise.  Soufflée.
Despite the winter, many Women still wear white; that is to say muslin gowns.

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