Cabinet des Modes, 3e Cahier, 1ere Planche

December 15, 1785

It represents a Women in a Pierrot.

Cap en Pouf, trimmed with a garland of roses; and a dark green ribbon.

Ordinary coiffure with two curls, chignon on top.

Trimmed kerchief, of Italian gauze.

Violet caraco, edged with white; the stomacher matching, with a bow of dark green ribbon.

Apple-green petticoat, trimmed with two white ribbons.

Chinese sabots, carmelite color, trimmed with white ribbons, à la Jeannette.


  1. Dear Cassidy,

    Oh, how interesting!!! The text names the jacket first a Pierrot, and then a caraco. Same garment. Plus, that the fabric underneath the open part of the jacket is a stomacher!!!!!!

    The pierrot appears to be imitating men's styles with the deep, high cutaway effect.

    Plus, just like the old stomacher style, I would guess, and pinned in place, but instead of an upward vee, it faces downwards!

    Omigoodness, is this truly what I am reading? If so, then making such jackets is suddenly much easier. (Although the Internet has lately circulated a yellow dress that imitates the Pierrot effect with trim only: it's really just an anglaise.)

    Very best,


    1. I was very happy with this one as well! Ages ago I came across a reference to "peaked high stomachers" being worn with polonaises, and then there's this weird française and its weird stomacher - it's on my list to try out the style. There's so much variation in the 1780s, it's amazing!


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