Cabinet des Modes, 3e Cahier, 2e Planche

No. 1
It represents a Bust of a man, coiffed with an ordinary Wig, with three straight curls en marron.*  Squared top, in little curls.  The hair in a queue.

No. 2
It represents a Bust of a Magistrate, coiffed with an ordinary squared Wig, with curls en marron.  Top squared in little curls.

No. 3
It represents a Bust of a Man, coiffed with a Wig without a ribbon, having, for body, only a type of fashionable filet.  Top squared in vergettes** in front, and in a hérisson in the back.  Dressing with two curls, one on the other.

No. 4
It represents a Bust of a Man, coiffed in a Wig without fabric, up-to-date. Squared top in front, with a simple natural crinkle. Three curls at the bottom, one above, losing itself in the hérisson. The back hair, in a tied-up braid.

One finds Wigs like these four that we just described, at the shop of M. ADAM DEFFAUX, Master Wigmaker, rue de la Vielle Draperie, near the Palais, in Paris.

The talents of M. Deffaux are not confined to that; he replenishes heads, hair, without using sticky pomade, or such other means that to hold them together. This up-to-date retrimming covers the top of the head, the back, the temples, and imitates nature, to make one believe that this is real hair. He has the art also of only redoing the back of a bald head, an accident to which an infinity of people are subjected.

His fabricless and up-to-date wigs perfectly imitate the natural, and unite all the possible conveniences. They never prevent perspiration, and never produce any effect injurious to the health; one can even sleep with these Wigs; they have neither spring nor  curl which can be incommoded. Moreover, they are susceptible to all types of accommodage:*** one can have three curls to make four of them, five, unite them into one, and give them varied forms.

These ribbonless wigs that of a fabric of hair, and for a body an up-to-date thread, uniting the same advantages as the preceding.

M. Adam has also invented diverse sorts of Toupets, without fabric and without ribbon, fashionable, this that one could not imitate again in the present. One observed that the practice of these ribbons produces a thickness and a stripe on the forehead; M. Adam is coming up to only make to appear two or three hairs which flutter inequally, with an address which renders perfectly well the truth; in a word, his Wigs comb the same as natural hair; one can put pins in the curls, not using horsehair, not strong hairs for the frisure.

What M. Adam makes for men's Wigs, he also does for women's, Chignons, Toupets, Switches, etc.

New gilets.

Fabrics à la d'Estaing, embroidered in silk.
Glazed black and gold.
Glazed black and green.
Glazed violet and gold.
Glazed blue and green.
Glazed violet and green.

* "a buckle of the hair over the ear, tied up with a ribband"
** "little iron rods"
*** arrangement of the hair