Cabinet des Modes, 6e Cahier, 1ere Planche

February 1, 1786

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It represents two children.

The first is a little Boy beating a drum.

Rush hat, trimmed with a bow and a blue ribbon.

Shirt trimmed, with a collarette.

Jacket with cut sleeves, of carmelite satin.

Gilet of pink satin, the ends of the sleeves carmelite.

Belt of blue ribbon.

Breeches of pink satin, à la marinière.

White stockings, of silk or cotton.

On the shoes, bows of blue ribbon.

Young Boys are still dressed with a lilac jacket, in the shape of that above, gilet and breeches of white linen, cotton, grey hat.

Or green jacket, gilet and breeches in canary's-tail color, of a light silk stuff.

Or white jacket, together with the breeches and gilet, of cotton, or any other fabric.

Rush hat.

The second child is a young Girl, holding a rose in her left hand.

For the whole coiffure, a bandeau of blue ribbon.

Shift trimmed with a collarette.

Corset and petticoat of pink taffeta, and on top a white fourreau of muslin, edged, at the bottom, with two blue ribbons.

Belt of black ribbon.

Silver buckle.

Shoes of red Spanish leather.

Young Girls also wear a corset and petticoat of blue or green taffeta, under a white fourreau of muslin.