Cabinet des Modes, 18e Cahier, 3e Figure

August 1, 1786


TWO Women's Busts.

1. One, in a yellow caraco, has her head covered with a straw hat, natural color, tinted around with a ribbon au Diadême, and on the underside a thousand pink points. The crown of the hat, very-puffed, is of pink crêpe. Two large bows, made with wide ribbons à l'Arc-en-Ciel, trimming the crown in front and in back. This hat is decorated with five large plumes, of which one is white, on pink, and three varied greens.

2. The other Woman, in a blue-violet caraco, has her head covered with a hat of yellow gauze, trimmed with a ribbon au Diadême in yellow and black. The crown of dark blue crêpe, very-puffed, is wrapped with a garland of artificial roses, and a very-wide ribbon, with large stripes, which comes to form a very-large bow in the back. This hat is decorated with three large plumes, one violet, one blue-violet, and one pink.

Three large curls on each side fall on the chests of each of these two Women.

Their frisures are done by Signore Depain, and their hats by Mlle Roussaud.