Cabinet des Modes, 23e Cahier, 2e Figure

October 15, 1786


TWO women's Busts.

The first, dressed in a pink caraco, has her hair done with brought-back hair, covered with a large baigneuse, with wide pleats, trimmed with a very-wide green ribbon, forming a very-wide bow on the front.

The second, dressed in a gown of apple green Pekin, has her hair done all in large curls, of which four, placed in a two rows, hang on each side of her chest. On the curls is applied a pouf à la Virginie, in sulfur-colored gauze with violet stripes. This pouf is trimmed with a very-wide pink ribbon with a black selvage, forming a large bow in front, and a large bow in the back. This ribbon is entwined with a garland of artificial flowers, heliotrope, rose, and lilac, shaded. On the left of the pouf rise three large plumes, green mixed with pink, pink mixed with green, and black mixed with blue.

This Woman has her neck covered with a kerchief of English gauze, brocaded.
These two Busts lack, on the front of the kerchiefs, for fastening, pins with heads representing large symbolic letters, or hearts, or arrows, or plumes, etc.