Dressing Up, May 10-11

The weekend before last was very busy! Julie came up and we had a few days packed with events and driving and scones (lots of scones, some with clotted-ish cream, some plain).

On Saturday, some of the members of the Empire State Costumers went to Albany's TulipFest. It's not a costume event in and of itself, apart from the people involved in the old tradition of scrubbing the street, who dress in versions of 17th century Dutch clothing with wooden clogs, but it's a beautiful day with a lovely setting and an historical connection, so I think it's nice to go out in something pretty and spend some time with friends. There are also a lot of booths for both crafters and food vendors, which I like at an event. We went last year as well, so it's become kind of an official event for the group.

Julie, Erinn, and myself
I'm still fond of this gown, which I made in about three days before the reenactment of the Battle of Saratoga. It has some problems (the left shoulder slips off, the sleeves are kind of wide, the waist is too low everywhere except the sides) and I have to wear my stays laced very tightly to get it to pin shut, but it's such a huge jump forward from my previous gown, a blue linen one with a stomacher. Everything is a step in the learning process, and after this one I feel like I have the confidence to possibly do a silk gown.

With it, I wore my new cap (now with pleated papillon) and kerchief, and my usual straw hat, lovelified with the rest of the blue ribbon. Still haven't gotten around to sewing in the ribbon loops in the skirt, though, and as it was wet and messy out I pinned the skirt up to approximately where it would be if it were able to be tied up.
Because it's about tulips and Netherlandish settlers, you see

Then on Sunday, Julie and I drove up to Fort Ticonderoga for the end of the No Quarter event. No Quarter's main reenactment was the night before, as the whole thing is about the Green Mountain Boys' capture of the fort from the British (which took place in the middle of the night). It was a gorgeous day, much nicer than Saturday - and yet still not quite as hot as had been predicted.

Julie's back
My super-awkward back
I'm not sure what's next ... on my practical sewing list, there's an 1860s cotton check dress for a Delaware County event in late July. Somewhat practically I'd like to make a Regency day dress for those events where I want to be in something more simple. And totally impractically, I'd kind of like to make this jacket I patterned and a silk petticoat to go with it.


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