2014 In Review - Writing-Style

I very briefly considered looking at my sewing output from the last year, but as it consists of the Cranford dress, a yoked circle skirt, a pair of pants, and two knit tops, it was too depressing to contemplate. As my true work is in writing, I thought that instead of depressing you with more self-criticism of my fitting skills, I would put together a Best Of 2014 by-the-month compilation instead.


Cabinet des Modes, 5e Cahier, 1ere Planche (January 15, 1786): Nakara satin robe à la turque with white satin corset and petticoat.


Cabinet des Modes, 10e Cahier, 2e Planche (April 1, 1786): A woman in a white gauze baigneuse and veil with nakara ribbon, and a woman in a hat à la Maltoise.


Cabinet des Modes, 13e Cahier, 1ere Planche: (May 15, 1786): Woman in a blue pékin turque, trimmed with white crêpe and artificial roses, and in a chapeau-bonnette.


Cabinet des Modes, 21e Cahier, 2e Figure (September 15, 1786): Man in a puce wool coat, striped moire gilet, canary cashmere breeches, and striped silk stockings.


Mary DeLong West's Wedding Dress, 1896Bodice and skirt of off-white silk satin, trimmed on the torso with silk gauze; pattern available here.


Emile Pingat (1820-1901) - an exploration of a great artist's career.


Perfection Salad: Review/discussion of Perfection Salad by Laura Shapiro.


In Defense of Pride & Prejudice (2005): A different perspective on the movie's costuming.


A Difficult History: Feminism and Corsetry, Part I: Technically, all of September was taken up with this multi-part series.


On Mourning: Discussion of American, English, and French mourning practices of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.


Jennie Goodman's Wedding Dress (1878): A purple taffeta Natural Form era dress, also with pattern.


Waistcoats: 19th and 20th Century: The evolution of vests, with hints for dating them.


  1. Your blog is amazing! I love your analysis of historical dresses :) I will be now constant reader of your posts :)))


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