Galerie des Modes, 39e Cahier, 3e Figure

Boston MFA 44.1534

Coiffure à la Jeannette
Coiffure à la Jamaique
Coiffure with large Curls with a Hat decorated with flowers
Coiffure à l'Enfance

Negligé Cap
Pouf of a new taste called à la Stradre*
Reversed tapet surmounted by a Pouf with box pleats, pearls, and two Tassels called à la Couronne
Coiffure in rolled and hanging Curls surmounted by a Pouf à la Luxembourg

* surname, unknown significance

Streaked hat à la Pendilvaine*
Coiffure with large Curls and a straw Hat
Hat à la Grenade called "the Conquest of Destaing"
Hat à l'Anglaise

* unknown significance, but used elsewhere in the GdM so unlikely to be a typo for "Pensilvaine"

Cap à la Lyonnaise seen from the front
Spotted hat trimmed with Ribbons, negligent Curls
Hérisson girded with a ribbon, with a Garland of flowers and three curls, called à la Printemps
Hérisson girded with a Ribbon with a diamond pin à la Nizarras (1783)