Knitted Garters (HSM #7.1)

This is the first time I've actually made something that fits into the Historical Sew Monthly - it's more of an accident, so I'm still going to do a text post on two lesser-known Regency accessories. But it's an accomplishment I'm proud of!

This past weekend was my friend Julie's bridal shower, and for a gift I knitted her a pair of garters. See, Julie's wedding is going to be a masquerade, and the bridal party is going to be in 1870s dress with a dark purple theme - so dark purple Victorian garters would be perfect for her to wear on the day! Plus, my understanding is that bridal showers often have gifts that are a bit naughty, so it seemed like a cute way to refer to that.

The Challenge: Accessories, no. 7
Fabric: Yarn - dark purple wool
Pattern: As far as I know, there's only one extant knitted garter pattern, and I used it - here it is excerpted at the Sewing Academy from an issue of Godey's magazine
Year: 1862, but probably appropriate for a decent range before and after
Notions: None
How historically accurate is it? Well, it could be more accurate. The yarn is pretty chunky and so were the needles (size 4, I think) compared to what would have been used at the time, and I had to alter the pattern to deal with that so they wouldn't be incredibly long and wide
Hours to complete: I have no idea, but they go very fast
First worn: Not worn yet!
Total cost: This feels a bit awkward because they were a gift! I don't actually remember how much I paid for the yarn, but it doesn't use very much of it