Kickstarter - Fully Funded!

Hooray! After just a few days, Dragonrose Historical Patterns has been fully funded and then some. I must give a great big thank-you to everyone who supported us, either for a preordered pattern or without reward, and another big thank-you to Lauren of American Duchess for sharing a link for us on Facebook.

Look, it really is a Pingat!
Our total is still climbing. Julie and I discussed it, and decided to add a few stretch goals.

$3,400 - We're already almost to this one (and may hit it while I'm typing). When we hit it, we can purchase a module to allow us to create standard-sized, preprinted patterns, in addition to our custom-sized patterns for individuals.

$13,500 - I know, it sounds like a lot! It is a lot! But the extra $11,000 would allow us to buy a 72" Ioline Flex-Jet E commercial printer, which would let us print Dragonrose patterns much more cheaply and therefore sell them to you more cheaply. We would also be able to sell them to distributors wholesale, allowing you to buy them from any of your preferred dealers.

In addition, this stretch goal will allow us to give every donor a second pattern at no charge. If you ordered the bodice pattern? You will be able to choose another bodice pattern at any time down the line, from any time period. If you buy the pattern for the whole gown? You will be able to get a free gown pattern when we have more offerings.

We've also added another reward tier. For $100, you can reserve a copy of any other full-gown pattern that we should produce. This is perfect for those of you who do want a pattern of a provenanced garment in a museum, but just don't have much use for the 1860s. And as with the other rewards, if we hit our second stretch goal, you will get a second voucher for a full pattern of your choice.

The beautiful bow
So please consider contributing if you haven't yet! We need your help to become the company we know we can be, and to bring patterns of more beautiful and/or unusual garments from museum collections to your sewing rooms. If you can't contribute, we would really appreciate it if you could share the Kickstarter with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social media site - or even word of mouth!