A Most Beguiling Accomplishment: the Podcast

Yep, it's happened! I was serious about starting a podcast, and I followed through, thanks to my excellent Patreon patrons. This first episode jumps right in as a verbal version of the Before Victoria series of posts.

The Marriage of Queen Victoria, 10 February 1840, Sir George Hayter, 1840-42; RCIN 407165
I would love it if you could give it a listen and throw me some feedback! The Podcast Source (Android, Apple) is an app that will allow you to subscribe and listen directly from Libsyn, where A Most Beguiling Accomplishment is hosted; you can also subscribe through Google Play or iTunes, or listen right from the Libsyn webpage.

The second episode will be a discussion of what fashion history is, a much more theoretical topic, although I won't be handling it in a dry manner! I'll be chatting about the history of the field, the differences between fashion and dress, how different ways of studying dress come together to produce the best research, and POCKETGATE.

(For those of you not on Twitter - a little while ago someone asserted that women's clothing has not had functional pockets since the French Revolution for political reasons. You can get a taste of what I'm likely to say in the podcast based on this series of my tweets in response.)

If you enjoyed listening to me, I'd appreciate it if you could help to spread the word by sharing the podcast with your friends. If you really enjoyed listening to me, remember that I have a Patreon, and that for as low as $1/month you get to vote on topics for me to cover on this blog and on the podcast!


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