CoBloWriMo: Favorite Era?

Unlike many members of the fashion history, reenactment, and costuming worlds, I have no favorite era - and lately I'm hard-pressed to find eras that I even dislike. But there is one period that I'm really interested in yet never seem to get the chance to explore.

Portrait of Catherine of Aragon, Michael Sittow, ca. 1503; Kunsthistorisches GG_5612
The overall theme of the periods I like is that they're just before more popular eras - here, the years before Henry VIII's reign. In most cases, the popular era features more exaggerated sleeves, necklines, skirt shapes, etc. than the earlier one, and this period is no exception! I've thought from time to time about joining the SCA, and this is at the top of my list for eras I might focus on.

(Others include the High Middle Ages (11th-13th centuries) for the bliaut, and the early 14th century for the high-waisted houppelande.)