Godey's Lady's Book, March 1835

March 1835



The Spaniards are famous for their ices; and, perhaps, this is not extraordinary, considering that their climate renders the use of them so indispensable. In this country, we are hardly permitted to form an opinion as to the exquisite relief they afford to a system, of which the energies have been in a state of retrogradation for twelve or fifteen hours. AGRAS -- that is, the Green-Grape iced -- is the favourite.

The Vessel.

Mix salt and ice well together in a vessel, and place your freezing pot in the midst: put into the last your juice, or cream, &c. and stir it about well: put on the cover of the vessel, and keep the ice-pot moving quickly round, by means of transverse handles; taking off the cover continually to stir up the contents of the freezing pot. Serve it up; or if not immediately wanted, put ice on the cover of the freezing pot.

Creams for Icing.

Add thirteen yolks of eggs to one and three-fourths pint of cream; put them on a very gentle fire, and whisk them gradually, mixing in a flavour (as you think proper.) After stirring it round in this tepid state for some time, add some loaf-sugar, pulverized. Strain it.

Tea Ice-cream.

Make a strong decoction of Gun-powder Tea, or of the quality called Pekoe; and add it to your cream.

Coffee Ice-cream.

Is made by throwing into the cream the coffee-berries, roasted and hot, and then placing a cover over the vessel in which is the cream. It must be strained two hours afterwards.

Coffee is seldom infused like Tea.

Chocolate Ice-cream.

The chocolate is infused, mixed with the cream, and strained.