The Art of the Lingère - Chapter III: On Measuring

There is no question that this art rests on exact measures, given that its products are made to be extremely comfortable and ample enough to keep from interfering with the body's movements, and so washing the cloth before using it can hardly be dispensed with. By this precaution, which tightens it up, you can be assured that they will remain in the same state: you must do this to measure them well. And when the fabric is taken up to be used for any garment whatsoever, the only thing that the lingère has to do is to find out if the person is fat or thin, tall or short, which is sufficient to determine the amount needed to make the number of garments requested. For it is very rare that a single piece of body linen is made at a time, not only because there will be a greater waste of fabric, but also because linen worn on the skin gets dirty promptly, so that one is obliged to change it. Thus it is more common to speak here of pairs, half-dozens, and dozens, than one.

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